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The Ionian Society has donated proceeds from the Society's annual Christmas Dinner-Dance to a worthy cause on the Ionian Islands each year.

These are some of the recipients in alphabetical order:

 Cephalonia Island

         • Agriculture School of Argostoli

         • Cosmetatos Foundation Argostoli

         • Historical Cephalonian Society

         • Philanthropikon Idryma Lixouri

 Corfu Island

         • Cricket Club Corfu

         • Reading Society of Corfu

 Ithaki Island

         • Fimios Municipality of Ithaca

         • Kentro Odyssiakon Spoudon

         • Ithaka Philharmonic Club

         • Lixouri Philharmonic School

         • Morfotiko Kentro Ithaki

         • Proodos Athletic Club

 Kalamos Island

         • Municipal Medical Centre

 Kastos Island

         • Municipal Medical Centre

 Kythera Island

         • Oikos Evgirias Kythera

         • Philharmonic Society of Potamos

 Lefkada Island

         • Arion Chorus Lefkas

         • Cultural Assc. Orpheus Lefkas

         • Evangelistria

         • Municipal Cultural Centre Lefkas

         • New Choir

         • Philharmonic Society Lefkas

 Paxi Island

         • Cultural Centre of Paxos

 Zakynthos Island

         • Periplous (supporting a Zantiot magazine)

         • Solomos Museum Zante

         • Student Chorus of Zante

         • Zante Chorus Faneromenoi

The Ionian Society invites membership worldwide.